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Treat Your Employees With Onsite Chair Massages in Hertfordshire & Essex

Are You looking For Office Massage Services in Herts & Essex?

Office office massage is a specialised service designed to provide relaxation and wellness benefits right at your workplace.

This technique involves gentle, soothing movements to ease tension and promote relaxation. Office office massages can help reduce stress, alleviate muscle discomfort, and enhance overall well-being.

Office office massages are ideal for employees dealing with the demands of office work. It's a convenient way to improve morale, productivity, and workplace atmosphere. This service can be a valuable addition to your workplace wellness program.

Office Massages


2 Hours - £180
Extra Hour £60
Minimum 2 hour booking.
Price for one therapist. If you require more than one therapist please enquire.

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How Employee Massaging Can Benefit Your Business

Increases Productivity and Focus
Regular massages can help alleviate mental fatigue and stress, leading to increased focus and productivity.
Reduces Work-Related Stress & Anxiety:
Workplace stress can contribute to a range of health issues and lower job satisfaction.
Enhances Employee Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction
Providing massages can be seen as an investment in your employees' wellbeing, which often results in higher job satisfaction.
Improves Physical Health and Reduces Sick Days
Regular massages can help alleviate common work-related issues such as repetitive strain injuries, back pain, and tension headaches.
Fosters a Positive Company Culture
Offering massages can also serve as a morale booster, showing employees that their health and wellbeing are valued by the company.
Encourages Team Cohesion and Collaboration
Having a massage therapist come in to provide services for your staff can serve as a communal experience that encourages team bonding.

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